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Rotary dial phone Answered

Hi all,

Yesterday, my grandma gave me an old telephone. My mother used it as a toy, so my grandfather disconnected the wires (for safety).
I wanted to connect the phone, but I don't know which connections I need. I attached some photo's to make the situation clear.

It would be great if you could help me!

P.S.: English is not my mother tongue so it would be fantastic if you didn't use a vocabulary that's too difficult ;)



8 years ago

I would look over the phone to see if there is an plate specifying the manufacturer and/or model number. If there is, Google it and see what you find. There are those out there whose hobby is restoration of antique phones. If you are lucky, you could find a diagram defining which terminals to connect to.

Even if there is no manufacturer or model info on the phone, Google antique phone related searches. You may find sites showing different models, and maybe there are ones that look like yours, which could in turn lead you to a diagram for the connections.

Even though tone dialing is the standard now, the older phone may work if connected properly to your land line. To check if the older type of dialing , called "pulse dialing" still works in your area, check out one of your existing land line phones to see if it has a switch on it to change between pulse dial and tone dial. I think every phone I've ever had included such a switch. If you can dial out using the pulse dial setting, then maybe there is hope your antique will be usable if properly connected. That assumes there is nothing wrong with the phone otherwise...


Reply 8 years ago

Sorry for my time off here.
I've checked the manufacturer, but I can't find the right info. Idem for Google.
I'll search people with the same phone, to compare the inside.
Thanks for your help


8 years ago

Do you have any idea how I can connect it in an other way?


Reply 8 years ago

Personally, no. I imagine it should be possible, though, to perform a major organ transplant.


8 years ago

It is very unlikely that this phone will connect directly to your phone network, if only because it cannot send dial tones - phones of this type sent pulse of current to signal electromechanical switches to connect the call, but modern phones send the dialling information as different tones.