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Help with SMD marking! Answered

Hello, I recently had a tablet to repair and this SMD IC was damaged: "C03AE". I can't figure out exactly what it is. Results I got range from LDO to Power switch to overcurrent protection. Does anyone know or have the datasheet for the latter? Its SOT-25 package. The tablet works fine without the IC (can charge, work on wall adapter only, etc).

Here are some voltage readings WRT to ground (pin 2) and battery at 36% charge (pin numbering as per picture)

Case 1: display ON, charger not connected:
Pin 1, 3 and 4: 0.00V
Pin 5: 3.64V

Case 2: display OFF, charger not connected
Same as case 1

Case 3: display ON, charger connected
Pin 1: 4.74V
Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V
Pin 5: 4.64V

Case 4: display OFF, charger connected
Pin 1: 5.11V
Pin 3 and 4: 0.00V
Pin 5: 4.74V

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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NawazJosehf Murchison

Reply 3 years ago

Hey josehf, thanks for your reply and sorry for late reply. For some reason I don't get notified about any new messages even though all settings look fine.

I did refer to most of the smd code book you linked before posting on forum. That's where I got the confusing description as some would point to an LDO while others would suggest other stuffs.

I finally gave up on identifying the latter and did not replace it. Tablet is working fine. My guess would be it is an overcurrent protection of some kind. Am not too worried about it not being there as the battery also has in-built overcurrent protection.

I also sometimes use this website "http://www.s-manuals.com/smd" for SMD identification, thought you might add it to you list.

Josehf MurchisonNawaz

Reply 3 years ago

Isn't that funny I just added the site http://www.s-manuals.com/smd

to my other browser yesterday. They seem good so far.

I'm not getting notifications at all except when I post an Instructable, win a prize or have a PM.


4 years ago

Unless you can google the marking and find a data sheet your out of luck.


Reply 3 years ago

Thats the first thing I did, which is why I turned to community for help as last resort. Thanks for dropping by.