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School Video Tips Answered

In my reading/gifted/advanced class, we are supposed to make a documentary showing some of our community's problems. We also have to show how we plan to fix them, too. (I'm working alone)
In language arts, we were put into groups to come up with some advertisement for a fictional business or project. It cannot be an existing product or business, either. We have 5 people in our group, and have chosen to use a clothing store as a thing to advertise.
So that is two videos, a commercial, and a documentary (we are studying persuasive techniques).

I wanted to do a good job on these, so does anyone have any tips? Any tips would do, from lighting to tips on acting.

I like making movies, and below are some of my quick videos I made, for Youtube.

This one took me about 15 minutes, so it is kinda crappy:

Hope you liked them!


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John Smith
John Smith

13 years ago

Oh, and I just did the commercial one yesterday, so forget about that.