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Setting up Xbox 360 Live with a pc running Windows 2000 Pro. Answered

Will Win 2000 work or do we need a later version of Windows (XP, Vista)? Our access to internet is via dial-up (56k); I understand Xbox Live will work, albeit slowly.



11 years ago

I have a solution and it works perfectly. Step 1: Using an RJ-11 patch cord (modular phone cord), connect one end to the wall jack, and connect the other end to the jack on the computer’s internal 56K modem. Step 2: Using an RJ-45 patch cord, connect one end to the computer’s internal 100Mbs Ethernet card and connect the other end to the RJ-45 jack at the back of the Xbox 360. Step 3: Power on the computer and the Xbox 360. Step 4: In Windows 2000 (I’m running service pack 4), click Start; click Settings; click Network and Dial-Up Connections; click Make New Connection; click Next; select Dial-up to private network and click Next; enter the phone number your computer uses to access your ISP and click Next; if the next screen displays the words ‘Create this connection’, then click Next; finally, enter the name you wish to use for this connection and click Finish. Step 5: A minor change is needed for the new connection to work properly: At the Desktop, double-click the connection created in Step 4; cick Properties; select Sharing; check the box Enable Internet Connection Sharing for this connection; click OK, and, test the new dial-up connection. Step 6: At the Xbox 360, go to the network section and test the connection. From this point on, I can’t provide any details since I am not familiar with the Xbox 360, however, be aware that there are no IP addresses to enter.