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Share what inspires you to make Instructables!! Answered

Hi, all - I'm in a bit of a pinch, and need to do a quick interview with someone (15-20 minute phone call) who is a great Knowledge Sharer... so of course, I thought of Instructables!!     Urgent Request: 20-30 minutes of your time for a phone interview about Knowledge Sharing.

Timing: Today - I can call you between now and 5pm Pacific.
Reward: eternal gratitude plus tasty beverage of your choice at a café or bar in the SF Bay Area.

I'm doing a workshop on Design Thinking, and my group is focusing on Knowledge Sharing. I'm looking for someone who is an active contributor to a site like Wiki, Instructables, or any other that is widely used for Knowledge Sharing.   If you can help, please email me at heather_fell@yahoo.com and include your phone number, I'll call you back right away.  Thanks, Heather



5 years ago

If you don't get any responses from the US, I'm happy to help via PM - you could send me a list of questions & I'll send answers back.