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Snap-fit design Answered

Hello all,

The left panel in the image I have uploaded represents aluminium frame, 1mm thick. What I would like to do is design another aluminium or plastic piece that can snap into the inside of this frame (something like the right panel in the image). The frame, once positioned in, would be a permanent fixture.

I have looked at different kind of snap-fit joints but I'm not sure on what's the most appropriate design in terms of simplicity and functionality. Another issue is calculating the actual dimensions of the snap-fit joints.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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4 years ago

Is the orange insert only a decorative piece like an overlay divider for a picture frame? 1mm is pretty thin so depending on how big this is, are you expecting the snap fit to hold the piece in place? Is this something hanging on the wall or like a table top frame in horizontal position? Good luck.