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Solar Water Heater? Answered

Does anyone know where I can find a solar powered water heater? I have an outdoor kitchen & would love to have heated water. Small size-under 15gl would be just great. Thanks-txrosee@yahoo.com


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11 years ago

Hi. I'm making such a thing for my Burning Man camp. I just did a preliminary test with good results. I assume you are interested in low cost. I went with a 100 foot coil of 1/2" irrigation tubing, spread out flat and taped together to hold its shape. You can recirculate the water in a tank (I used a 5 gallon bottle, but a dead water heater would work as well). I used a Rule Marine inline pump, model IL280P is good. It uses 12V at a few amps. The trick is to run the pump for a minute to fill the coils, then let it sit still for 10 minutes to cook the water. This saves a lot on power. I'm working on a printed circuit board for the pump timer - I made one for Burning Man a couple years back for a solar water evaporator and it works well. Send me a message for more info.