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Source for reliable bright white led strips that can be powered with 5v (USB) Answered

Hello,  wanting to build a portable light tracing box that can be ran off the power of a laptop USB port.   Are there any sources for strips of that voltage?   Mostly what I have found is 12v,   the sites that seem to have 3v strips seem unusually expensive or the details of the strips are vague so I don't know if they are trustworthy.



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6 years ago

Look into the neopixel strips at Adafruit. They run off of usb 5v but you need a tiny microcontroller like their Trinket or your own attiny to drive them. They are pretty bright with just a few of the neopixel LEDs but take a look at their tutorials and guides so you don't overload the usb ports on your laptop. You can get a meter sized length and cut it down to your needs. Good luck.