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Speed up country contest eligibility? Answered

I contacted the lottery inspection agency here in Sweden, the agency in charge of all things lottery/contest etc. According to them there is no reason why Sweden should not be an eligible country for the contests. I sent the info, links and contact information to the Instructables support and service email addresses.

Is this going to make a difference? Is it going to speed up the process? I mean, From what I could find the last time Instructables added a country to the contests was in 2012... Have they stopped adding countries? Do they just not care anymore?



Best Answer 4 years ago

It certainly can't hurt. You might also post your findings in the Contests section at the very bottom of the forums. The eyes of the community-involved members of the Instructables staff that watch the forums could help speed things up.

There may be other factors (cost) involved besides just legality (cost) that are slowing things down. Instructbles.com gets around 140k unique visitors from Sweden per month. Of that number only some are members, only some of those members post, and even fewer of the posting members would actually post new content to contests. If Swedish laws require the contests current terms and conditions to be modified in any way then the legal cots may be greater than the content it would generate.


4 years ago

You should pass on all the information you got to service@instructables.com, and you could even send a copy of the contest rules to a local lawyer and ask if there's anything that would need changed.