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StarWars Lightsaber event in San Francisco! Answered

Hello fellows DIYers! :D
Instructables is with no doubt one of my passions. Another one is lightsaber combat!
This sport is very popular in Italy, thanks to Ludosport, one of the first sport association devoted to the study and practice of the lightsaber combat.
I can personally confirm that this is a FANTASTIC sport activity, and now it will land @ SAN FRANCISCO!

Jan 30-31, 2016
1000 Van Ness Avenue,
San Francisco, CA 94109

Come and try a new amazing sport activity, not just for Star Wars fans!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1251151791565704/

Book your place at: http://www.ludosport.net/en/

Stay great!


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4 years ago

Hi, now Ludosport lightsaber sporting network is in USA San Francisco for good.

Lightsaber sport becomes real. The international network of LudoSport is now active in U.S.A. A sport to keep fit while having fun practicing original techniques that allow both women and men to compete at the same level.

7 different combat styles and a progressive training method provided by qualified instructors develop athletes' skills, improving their agility and control and enabling safe duels without need of bulky protections.

LudoSport San Francisco Academy opens regular classes starting from October 15th.