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Steps in woodworking project Burning/enamel/Staining? Answered

Alright! So I'm starting a new personal project to create a gift for someone.
I want to create a heart shaped home-made picture frame.
I want to cut out the heart, have it stained, wood-burn their photos onto the heart, and chisel lettering and enamel that and give the whole thing a finish.
Individually I can do each of those tasks, though I'm at a loss as to how to tackle this and which steps to take first.

What process should I take for these steps? Should I burn first, or should I stain first? Should I chisel/carve before or after staining? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Don't stain it. It will make the wood burning almost invisible. The whole idea with burning it is to use the pail wood as your blank canvas. The wood burning is done to draw and shade the wood like you would using a pencil. You don't color a sheet of paper with a brown marker then try to draw a pencil picture on it or draw the picture then color over it with a brown marker.

Cut, carve, burn, and enamel. Or Cut, burn, carve and enamel. Basically the order doesn't matter as long as Enamel is last.