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Stirling AC, someone tell me why it wouldnt work. Answered

Take a split type airconitioner unit (with heat exchanger / motor etc outside the house) remember that heat pumps have COPs >1 so they remove more energy than you put in. Now take a reasonably efficient stirling engine and bolt it onto the external heat exchanger so there is a gradient between the hot heat exchanger and the warm air outside and use it to pump the refrigerant around the system. Surely a heat-pump stirling engine combo can be made efficiently enough to effectively run itself once it has been started up, maybe with a few watts of electric to run some fans.


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12 years ago

I believe that stirlings powerful enough to generate useful power require quite large temperature differences - tens of degrees. The small models that run off the heat of your hand can barely do more than work themselves, and the models that work fans need to sit on hot stoves to work properly.

However, I've been wrong before, so maybe you ought to talk to somebody in the stirling webring about your ideas.