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Support !! Answered

hi everybody !! i cheked out your website this morning and ... damn !! was so amazed about wath you guys could do with... literally, they would tell this broken... for us , it's treasures!!!((the article was about digging up peices from old disposable camera ... i loved the guy when he said :"talking to people..." it'ts true, usualy, you can get many parts doing this way !!))

i'm living in Rivère-du-Loup, Québec (Canada)


and this morning i would wanted to tell you :



As  i am born here, my english may sound sometime a bit wrong but ... please , if i do a mistake, just tell me : it would be a pleasure for me  make an adjustment =P

this worning, i was wondering ... is there anyone who, like me, is living in canada ?? or maybe someone in my town !! would be even better :)

because i realized... no one around was like you guys, doing some crazy job!! i mean, this website is gold itself !! If more people knew home made solutions like you ,... i mean , where would junk be ?? NOWHERE AROUND !! it was  re-used at 100% already!!   so no waste !!!!!

!!   =D

unfortunately, people do change their printers,as it costs less than actualy just fill back the cartridge -_-

i mean : BECAUSE it COST LESS than actually just FILL BACK the fu***ng  ********* -_-??

well in some case maybe not but ... you get my point, did'nt you ??

So... is there anyone near me ?? i'm starting my own shop by the end of the year so any advice about computers,electronics, DIY projects and gadgets, Breadboard development : please, lend me a hand

if you do so, i woill subscribe the most premium membership and, also, may be giving the instructables a sum of money !! Because  you really caught  my heart this morning

i'm only 21 years old, but i do beleivce in my  skills !! i planned to open a computer parts shop... but as i continued my project, is sounded good to me that i should include,,, a workshop part at my shop!!

so, i would have loved some advice ,and came here  in my search of knowledge

would someone help me out ??


support !! support!!


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9 years ago

I'm sorry, I don't understand....what are you asking again?