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The Crucible is looking for instructors Answered

The Crucible, a nonprofit arts education community organization is currently seeking instructors for motorcycle maintenance, properties of metals, wood working, stone carving, and kinetics. If you have experience and interest in teaching fine and industrial arts to the community, we encourage you to apply! If you're qualified to teach classes like these, we want to hear from you!

Properties of Metals & Materials
Entry-level class
What causes work hardening in metal? Why does work hardening go away when the same metal is heated? Why does glass need to be annealed? This class explains physical occurrences that you will observe in classes at The Crucible. Examining these phenomena at the atomic level will help you better understand metals and materials. There will be no math, labs are incorporated into the class, and there are no prerequisites. Everything you need to know about demystifying the behavior and use of materials will be taught in class.

Clay Animation
Entry-level class
Create and build your own claymation characters. Learn quickly how to draft and organize a storyboard, then build your own scenario. During production, you'll apply colored lighting to your action scene and then learn how to shoot frame by frame to give life to your creation. You can collaborate with other students to develop a more involved group project. For this class, you must bring your own digital camera and tripod.

The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance & Repair
Entry-level class
Learn how to repair your motorcycle and avoid paying the top dollar that motorcycle shops charge. If you have a bike that you want to learn to fix or are interested in owning a bike and don't want to rely on someone else to keep it on the road, this is the class for you. Generally motorcycles are simpler and easier to work on than cars. In this class we will cover a number of different bikes. With the consent of the instructor, you will be able to work on your own bike in class or choose to work on one of the bikes provided by the instructor. If you choose to work on your own bike, you must buy any materials needed.

The Crucible faculty is comprised of Bay Area artists, tradespeople, artisans and educators who teach innovative educational programs to students of all ages, experience levels and areas of interest. The Crucible seeks a staff of broad diversity and strongly encourages women and people of color to apply. For more information, visit our website: Job Opportunities at The Crucible



10 years ago

It's a shame, I'd be interested in the claymation... I could probably teach a few things aswell, granted that the last time I taught stuff I didn't get a good response from people on the grounds that I was too young to know more than them about things they knew nothing about.


10 years ago

While you're at it, it's worth pointing out that this Saturday is the Crucible's Fall Open House!

From the online blurb:

Celebrating Art & Community

We know you've driven by a thousand times wondering what goes on here. Well now's your chance to come find out! Come on down and visit us during our annual Fall Community Open House.

We will be hosting an expo of several amazing community organizations that bring vital and important services to our diverse neighborhood, and an art show highlighting the talents of our students and faculty. Our Open House is a wonderful way to experience many of the fabulous things West Oakland has to offer. This is a family-friendly event with circus and fire performances, food and fun for all ages and the best part - it's FREE!

Event Activities Include:
  • An expo of several amazing organizations committed to serving Oakland communities
  • A Fiery metal pour in our foundry
  • Tasty Food & Refreshments
  • Fabulous live performances of fire, music and dance
  • Exciting live demonstrations including welding, glass working, metal casting, and blacksmithing
  • Student art show displaying the creativity of The Crucible