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The Inkheart movie! Answered

So, lots of people read inkheart, right? Well the movie is coming out in about three weeks, January 23. I was thrilled. However, I don't like the character choices. The main problem is they have this girl, Eliza Bennet playing Meggie who is 16, probably 15 at the time of filming. However, in the book, Meggie, is only 12. The 2nd problem, which isn't really a big one, is that I did not see Paul Bettany playing Dustfinger. To me, dustfinger was older, and in the promo pictures he doesn't have scars all over his face. That's all I have to say, but I digress. What do you guys think, I also think we need inkheart instructables. I'll think of one!

Edit: Noone is an inkheart fan?


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