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The parts needed to build a solar powered light? Answered

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to build a solar powered led (2nd part would be to add a USB port) and I'd like to know all the parts I need to get it working nicely.

Apart from the obvious things like an led, battery, on/off switch, wires and solar panel will I need some sort of controller for charging the battery as well as not overcharging it?  I'd like it to have a 1W panel, a 1W led and battery which can run the light for 5 hours (so 5Wh right?)

If it is easy enough I would like to build one which has a USB port as well so I can plug in my USB fan.

Thank-you for reading.


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7 years ago

If you want easy then buy a solar charger with built in battery and USB port then add your light to it.

Full Metal
Full Metal

Reply 7 years ago

Yes, that would be the easiest way : ) but I actually want to build it myself from the base parts.