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Thermal Paste Answered

Hello, I was wondering, if you had tubs of high temperature thermal compound, would putting it on your stove-top (flat topped stoves, not the ones with the coils) before you cooked let your stove be more efficient? Other than the fact that I don't know where you would get high temperature thermal paste that could withstand your stop-top and the fact that it would probably ruin your pots, pans, and stove, is it possible? I wonder because I just saw my tubs of thermal paste sitting there and then went inside to cook something.



8 years ago

thermal paste works by evening out the differences between two surfaces and conducting heat. when you put the paste on the bottom of a heatsink it fills in all the gaps and dents etc... that are in the machined surface and allows it to make better contact with the die on the chip that you're wanting to cool.

this makes a HUGE difference when the tollerances are so tight (the difference between a melted chip and one that's fine). it doesn't make THAT much of a difference when the tollerances are loose (do you really care if your pan is 350 degrees or 352?)