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Thoughts on modifying a mower to a dethatcher? Answered

Briefly, my lawn is a mess and I cannot afford either an electric rake or dethatcher.
I have tried using a spring-tined rake to dethatch the lawn but it is too labour-intensive -
and I have around 250m2 to cover - not for the faint-hearted!

However, I do have a petrol rotary lawn mower and a spare blade. I have thought of
combining the spring-tined rake to the blade to dethatch that way.

I don't mind the thatch not being collected - as I expect it will leave the mess on the floor -
I can simply dethatch at a higher blade height and then cut/pick up the mess on a lower
blade setting.

I don't have a welding machine, nor access to one. So I wondered if the good people here
might lend me their brain cells to consider (a) what I might use as a rake on the blade and
(b) how to secure it on to the blade. I have seen one of those rakes which can be spread
at will and I thought to size it and secure it with a metal band and rivets - and then rivet the
whole thing to the blade. What do you think?

I had also thought that I could fix the rake on the opposite side of the blade. The blade is not
reversable/obversable - there is a one-way key that oreints the blade to one position only.

Please do not trouble yourselves with warnings about safety etc as I think I am aware enough
to consider this for myself - unless it is to say "don't do it". I also know about having to balance
the blade weight.

As ever, thanks for reading me and thanks for your time to reply.



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8 years ago

if you had the blade running at a slower speed then it wouldn't need to be as well balanced