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Tic Tac box Answered

Yah this is a silly question i know, but does anyone know the dimensions of a tic tac (the large 1oz box, commonly labeled Big Pack)? It is for a small electronics project, and i am wondering what amount of space i have to work with...  Thanks!


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Our boxes are metric. (in Australia). Our large one is called "Big Box" not "Big Pack".
Big box weight = 49g=1.73oz (is 1oz an accurate guess on your part?)
Ext Height=82.7mm=3.26in (without lid)
Int Height=80.7mm=3.18in
Lid intrudes into box 15.5mm=0.61in
Ext Width=42.5mm=1.67in
Int Width=41.7mm=1.64in
Ext depth (front to back)=20.5mm=0.81in
Int Depth=19.5mm=0.77in

Standard box weight=24g=0.85oz
Ext Height=64.5mm=2.54in (without lid)
Int Height=62mm=2.44in
Lid intrudes into box 15mm=0.59in
Ext width=40.9mm=1.61in
Int Width=39.4mm=1.55in
Ext Depth=16mm=0.63in
Int Depth=15.1mm=0.59in

Don't you have a ruler?
You may want to check my conversions because I couldn't be bothered.
Hope this helps, and you post your project.


Answer 10 years ago

Lol :) :)
I do have a ruler, just not a Tic tac package. And trips to the local grocery store are sometimes scarce :) :)

I think all the conversions i needed worked. I think the one in the US is 1oz, but im pretty sure they are similar inside. I found i can fit 4 AA batterys in it (Yay!) Thanks so much! :)


Answer 10 years ago

oops... 4aaa's :)