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Timing/warning device using Adrduino board? Answered

Some time ago I bought some components with a view to trying to build a timer/warning device so that a boat driver can monitor session times on the water. To be honest I neither have the time or, as quickly became apparent, the expertise, to do it!! So I am posting on this forum in the hope that somebody may be interested in either taking on the project, or is able to put me in touch with someone who might. I would be happy pay a reasonable amount for somebody's time and expertise, and of course the components. Alternatively I am could trade some wakeboarding or waterski lessons for it! If just the components could be put together to make a functioning circuit, I can get the whole thing put into a suitable box. If it can be built successfully, I will actually need two. I have been told that it should not be difficult but it is certainly beyond my capabilities. I am in the UK.

The device needs to have a countdown timer, with a display for the driver to see. It needs to trigger an audio and visual warning when getting close to a fifteen minute time limit and, when the time is up, to reset itself. It also needs to switch a fairly bright light which which will reflect these actions and can be seen from behind the boat . It was suggested that this could be based on an ARDUINO board. It would draw its power from the boat's 12v system.

The sequence would be as follows:

Timer is started by driver
The digital timer display starts to countdown from 15 mins in seconds
The boat driver will see from the display that the timer is running. A light bright enough to be visible to a person 20m behind the boat is illuminated so he/she also knows the timer is running.
At 12 minutes, the driver gets a visual warning, maybe the display flashes, perhaps once per second. The person behind the boat also gets same warning on their light. i.e. flashing once per second.
At 13 minutes 30 secs, the display flashes more rapidly and a buzzer also sounds for 10 secs. indicating to the driver that the time is almost up. The person behind the boat also gets the same warning on his light (i.e. rapid flashing) (may want to incorporate an audible warning too, loud enough for them to hear).
At zero, the timer automatically resets itself to 15 minutes and restarts.  At this point the driver has the option to allow it to continue running without interruption for the next 15 minute period and so on, or he can stop the timer manually, when it will simply reset to 15 minutes and become idle until started again.
N.B. A facility which allows the timings to be customized would be very useful (presumably this could be done by changing the Arduino code?)

So thats it. Simples! (apparently)

If you think you can help me with this and I will be delighted to hear from you.
Many thanks


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