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Touch Controlled Resistor? Answered

 Hey I want to make a touch pad that if touch in a certain area will change the resistance level and hold this even after not being touched....how would I do this???


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10 years ago

I haven't got a clue how this could be done exactly as you describe but I have another idea.

There is a chip, don't remember what it is called, but you input a binary coded number from 1-255 and it sets the resistance based on the number input.  It works as a digital vol. control.

You can build a touch switch that will vari the resistance based on how hard you press.  I've don't this using static control foam that chips are shipped on.  Connect this to an a/d chip.  That's an analog to digital chip.  It takes an analog value and turns it into a digital number.  Then feed that number into the resistor chip.