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Turbine generator with heat pump Answered

I got another weird idea that I like to share as I don't see me putting into reality anytime soon but someone else might do it for me after reading it ;)

If you like me and call home where it is far too hot for most of the year you might have wondered how to cut the energy bills down.
Especially if you in a remote area "off the grid".
Sounds interesting?
Then just do me the favour of posting here if you plan to put into reality and keep us updated ;)
Technology has come long way and with some mirror like Mylar foil anyone can build big reflectors to use the sun for heating all sorts of things.
Modern solar hot water systems are designed to produce a temp high enough to kill all harmfull stuff that might otherwise grow in our system but we can one step further:
(Keep in mind it is just an idea with no prototype to proofe the concept works as expected!)
Using heat pipes in a round reflector that is linked to solar tracker would allow us to boil water for as long as the sun is out there.
Don't know if the flat types used for hot water systems are capable of producing steam but someone might have an old one at hand and is willing to test it on a sunny day?
Anyway, assuming we can build a large enough array of solar ovens heating water pipes it is possible to drive a turbine with the steam.
A linked generator of suitable size would now provide the electricity we might need to charge batteries or to power other things.
But of course this would be total waste of the remaining energy in the steam!
Plus we could really need some airconditioner, don't we?
So in my vision we don't want to waste the water either, which mean we not only use the heat but also reuse the water to go back into the solar oven.
If we now use an uscaled version of our RV fridge and instead of a heating element or a flame our remaining heat from the steam we can power a big fridge and an airconditioner on the same continous-cycle-ammonia-fridge type to cool what we need.
Depending on the size and insulation rating of a house it is possible to be totally independent from the power grid during the sunny times.
During the winter times the same generator can be combined with a ducted heating system where the waste heat of it is used to produce the steam we need.
Of course integrating this into one unit would be the prefered option to keep the physical dimensions small.
Combine all this with some good sized battery backup and inverter system and you might have enough juice to spare to make it through a cloudy day or two.
Add some wind generators if you are in a suitable area to provide additional electricty.

I think with new parts and some handy work it should be possible to create such a system for under $3000US.
With access to some well sorted scrap yards even for free, not counting consumables, selants and so on...
Sadly I don't own a house and currently not even have a garage to set up a little workshop so for now it stays an idea only...
Tried to find some sponsors or at least people with interest to create something like this down here but it is like trying to explain quantum physics to a hundred year old in the retirement village.

Sure, you can build something that would give me electricity and cooling for free? ...
Of course it will work, so come back and show me once you made it....
If that crap could work, why are still buying fridges that run on electricty and airconditioners that drain our bank accounts?...
We have 5 cooling containers outside runningon generators that use over 200liters of fuel every day and come try to tell me a steam generator can cut me fuel bills down by at least 50% if not more?...

Just some of the more friendlier responses I got after trying to find some interest.
Don't know if it is problem of the Aussie mentality or if I am just unable to make someone understand that we can use the scorching sun for free :(
But I am not willing to give up on the idea itself, so what do you think?
Oh! You have the financial means and access to create some prototype to integrate into a new cool house or  self sustaining home?
Please feel free to contact me so we can start and make a living out of it ;)


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4 years ago

Im not sure if this is possible but a heat pump with a high COP rating, connected to a high efficiency steam engine, is something thats been running around in my head for awhile now.

Back to your problem, You can pick up large second hand PV panel quite cheaply, give these guy a phone call


I picked up a KW of panels for $600