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Unable to create new 'ible - window greyed out Answered

I tried to create a new 'ible.
After clicking on the New Instructable button, I get the normal 'ible editing page, but then the browser says Stopped and the browser content is greyed out, see screen shot. Note the status bar, it is sometime 50% sometimes other values.

Windows 7/64, Firefox 38.0.5.


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5 years ago

Well I fixed it. I had added a Firefox button 'Stop animated GIF's Blink & Marque tags'

Toggling that made it work.

Why do sites have to be so annoying...


Reply 5 years ago

When browsers didn't have add-ons, sites were designed to work on every browser with no problems.

Now that browsers can be modified with a near-infinite set of combinations of add-ons, it is basically impossible to give every user a faultless experience.

For future reference, if there is a problem here, using Firefox or Chrome, switch off any add-ons that change the way the site works, such as stopping GIFs, or blocking adverts, reload the page and try again.