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Unable to open Winzip file? Answered

Hello Experts,

I am running Windows 7 and i have version 9.0

I have been given some movies in a Zip file however when i double click to open the Zip file i get this error, Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive
If you are downloading this file try downloading it again

- So he transfered it to me via Pidgin Messaging tool its on my pc and i can see the file size 2gb

Can you please advise on what the workaround is to be able to open this

Many thanks



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Best Answer 5 years ago

Couple methods
you may try instruction below, like a short guide, second method might be
helpful in case another ways aren't

https://www.repairtoolbox.com/ziprepair.html Zip Repair Toolbox


Click Start
-> Click All Programs-> Click Accessories

Right click on the Command Prompt and Run as Administrator ( Left click Command
Prompt for Windows XP)

Change directories to the file folder of the damaged Zip file is located

Type: "C:Program FilesWinZipwzzip" -yf zipfile.zip

If the damaged file is spanned or split, use the following command:

"C:Program FilesWinZipwzzip" -yfs zipfile.zip

NOTE: This might not be a fool proof solution and you might loose the valuable
data. Create a backup file before you carry out above mentioned steps.


5 years ago

This simply means that your file is damaged, if the original file (the one that your friend has) opens up then try to transfer the file again (try using a different method)


5 years ago

If it does not open and your friend can open his version it simply means your file is corrupted, so transfer again it is.
This is also the reason why most people use WinRar with 250mb split archives and 5% recovery information - if one part does get corrupted during the download it can be restored (repaired) from the additional infor in the other parts.