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Unpublishing an instructable Answered

I wrote this, published it, now want it off, cause I am trying to sell these.  I did the unpublish thing, It now has this in my own file as an instructable I am working on, not published, but in a search I found my instructable apparently published.  can i see it as published just because "I" am looking for it?  or can everyone see it?




8 years ago

Awwww, I'm too late. But just to let you know, there's two different search engines that search our site. When you do the regular search, you're using google. When you do the graphic search you're using our own internal search engine. The google search engine takes a while to update, while ours is almost immediate. The reason you're still seeing it in the normal search, is because google hasn't updated their archived searched pages.

I'm sad to see an instructable vanish, but best of luck selling them! I hope you make lots and lots of money!


8 years ago

I just searched for juggling cigar box, and your project was the first hit.

However, upon switching to graphical search ("All"), your Instructable disappeared off the results, and this topic appeared on the third page.

If you want your project to vanish from sight completely, I would suggest actually deleting it - the photos you took will all remain on file, but the Instructable itself will cease to exist.

Before you do that, I strongly recommend you download a PDF of the Instructable, which you can then keep on your own files as a record of your achievements, and a potential source of material should you ever decide to replace the project on the site.