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Use a dvd player with a av in port as a second screen for a netbook? Answered

I was wondering if I could or can netbooks even support second screens. I mean i can hook up a ps2 or xbox and that works. If yes can I simply remove it to travel. It will probably be this Netbook Thanks for the help.



Best Answer 10 years ago

yes you can...

you will need this:

(its called a vga to video converter)

you will plug a vga cable from the vga out on the netbook to the converter, and then an rca cable from the converter to the dvd player.

Then you will go into windows display settings, go to the fifth tab, and expand the desktop to two screens.

note: you will not get high quality graphics with this route. the dvd player does not have a screen that you would want to read text on.


10 years ago

Is there an AV IN port on the DVD player ? Its no use having AV OUT to receive pictures....


Answer 10 years ago

and sorry i was wasn't thinking when i was typing fixed


10 years ago

I've seen netbooks that support multiple monitors, but in order to be able to plug in a game console, etc., into it you'd need a video capture card. By the way, don't get the netbook, it sucks. I've come across one that had a 1.6 Ghz processor and 3 Gib of RAM (maybe 2, don't quote me on it), and the guy who bought it said it was 200 bucks at Wal-Mart. Just so you know. I think it was an Acer. Something like this.


Answer 10 years ago

Im sorry I meant to say i can play the counsels on my dvd player already