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Using Arduino + RFID to Email when something is removed from a box? Answered

Hey everyone,

I'm looking at completing  a home project using an Arduino (or perhaps a Raspberry Pi if its easier) and any help as to how to approach this or where to look would be really appreciated!

Essentially I want a box filled with a number of items with RFID tags and I want the system to send an email telling me if an item has been removed (and preferably which). I'm pretty new to this, but I have a feeling I have seen similar projects around. Can this be done and if so can anybody help me?

EDIT: I understand this may not be possible with RFID, but if so is there a different way of wirelessly checking (say once a day) if all items are present or not?




5 years ago

the basics would be easy (ish) and would work as long as multiple items can't be removed from the box at once. RFID isn't all that great with multiple items at the same time. there are systems that can handle it but they're not usually the kind of thing you'd want to get into in a home system.

what's in the box? why are you wanting to know when something comes out of the box? can you modify the box?


Reply 5 years ago

The box can be modified to an extent, but really i'd hope to minimise this and especially not have to 'scan out' items. Rather I was hoping that the system would 'check' once a day to see if all items are still within range (in or very near the box) and then send and email if its finds that one or more items were missing.

The reason I want to know is so that I can ensure that whatever item removed can be reordered without someone having to go and check and get back to me.


Reply 5 years ago

if it's a big box like a toy box where every item is just in there mixed, then it would be difficult

if it's more like a box of cubbies, where every item has a place (even if the place doesn't matter) inside the box that's distinct from any other item inside the box, then it would be easier with multiple readers in the vicinity of the individual storage boxes inside the big box.

you could do a daily/hourly/minute check by powering up each reader in sequence and seeing if it reads the object that's directly on top of it in the box.