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Using wifi to broadcast satellite receiver audio? Answered

I'm looking for a project to build that will allow me to get only the audio output of my satellite receiver and broadcast it via wifi so I can listen to it anywhere in my house. Any idea whew I might find a basic design? 



8 years ago

Route headphone output of your satellite receiver to line-input jack of your PC's audio card. Run a streaming server which takes that audio input and makes it available to clients. Connect to that input using another PC. Done.

There are dedicated boxes. But an old used PC may be cheaper and will certainly be more versatile, though it may draw more electricity.

It doesn't take much compute power to do this, by today's standards. I've used an 800MHz laptop as a server to feed three or four clients; I'm not sure what the protocols are so I'm not certain how many more clients it could handle.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks for your help. I'll give that a go.