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Velleman Sound to Light module LEDs always on. Answered

I  have made the velleman sound to light project: http://www.vellemanusa.com/downloads/0/minikits/manuals/manual_mk103_rev1.pdf
the LEDs are supposed to turn off when there is no sound and go bright when there are loud sounds. Mine are bright all the time. I first tried the kit using my own blue LEDs instead of the red ones supplied, these worked for a time then they just stated to give a VERY small amount of light. I switched to the red ones and now they are on high all the time. I also accidentaly connected R3 with C4 (see PDF). C1 and R2 are also connected by solder, im not sure if it should be like that, I also kinda damaged the C1 connection hole as I partially burnt it with my soldering iron D:.  Could any of these issues be the reason why my kit inst working? I have attached pictures of my board

Many thanks,

Rushmoore :)



4 years ago

Yes. R3/C4 and C1/R2 are not connected at all. Remove the shorts.


4 years ago

Hey the link is not opening I would love to help you out, is there any other link or could you link it?