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Vertigo Lights Answered

A few years ago I was attending a Halloween attraction where a conversation started about seeing a red skull.  We asked a few of the actors and I got the name of the attraction's special effects person.  What we were seeing was a programmable sheet of red LEDs that would flash so fast that you could only see the after image.  The F/X guy called it Vertigo Lights.  I understand the concept, but wondered if anyone has come across anything like this.  Could this be controlled by an arduino, or would a program need to be written to control all of the lights simultaneously?  I haven't been able to find anything like it in any of my searches.

Any clues would be great!


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9 years ago

I had an experience in an art museum, a ceiling of massive white
synchronized strobes in a black room with a black carpet and three
black leather settees.

Walking in intending to sit down, I reached a settee and could not bring
myself to sit.... I felt so ill going on nausea that it was all I could do, to get out.

The rest of the lights in the LED art section had no untoward affect nor
looking back into the black with white flashing room which I did not renter.
I am a pilot, burner and enjoy flashing colors and never had such an

I suspect the flashing had subliminal color times to do me in so quickly.
Yes there were two people standing on my right and one man on a settee
to my left as I left.