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Wall mounted colapsable massage table Answered

High all,

I have a room thats designated for massage and physical therapy.
Its not a big room, 10 by 13 feet and it has one wall thats also a roof.
So working space is a bit limmited.

I have a old but strong massagetable thats made out of steel and has a black leather top.
As a pressent i got it from my father inlaw so i dont want to put it a way, but it is however taking a lot of roomspace.
So i was thinking on making a construction on my wall to mount it on so it can be folded away to make more room for other activities.
Problem is... how do i make it strong enough to hold it in place, not only during idle time but most importent, during long massage sessions.
The table weighs in at about 70 kilo's, the frame is solid and the legs are rounded aluminium pipes.

O, and the design has to look a weee bit atractive... otherwise clients wil walk away thinking "OMG, LOOK AT THAT FREAKY TABLE!!!"

Thnx in advance!


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8 years ago

Find the studs in the wall and mount a 2x4 across the wall bolting it into the studs. Make sure the 2x4 high enough off the ground to just barely touch the bottom of the table's frame. Now suing 4 or more Door hinges you can bolt the table to that 2x4. You'll of course need to cut the wall side legs off the table and put the other 2 legs on a pivot or hinge so they can be folded under the table. Alternately you can get rid of the legs all together and used a pair of triangular cut sheets of 3/4" plywood. Use a piano hinge to mount the triangles to a stud in the wall and make sure they are not longer then the table is wide. When you fold the table out the triangle can swing out from the wall tto keep the table supported and you'll have a floating table.

Be sure to paint everything so it looks nice.


Reply 8 years ago

Nice idea on the triangle shaped sheets, i might just try that!