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Water wheel electricity? Answered

We camp every year for two weeks beside a stream. There is no electricity available on our campsite, but we do have a number of things that we'd like to recharge over the two week period. There is a small (2 ft.) dammed waterfall/ rapids in the stream close to where we camp. 

Does anyone know how I could make a water wheel electricity generator? Information on all aspects (how to build a water wheel; what type and where to get a generator; storage or regulator advice) would be greatly appreciated.




10 years ago

Use the search box above (graphical search if you just want instructables pages). Type in water generator or water turbine or generate electricity, you get the idea. See what others have done.

(By the way, if you make sure your future questions contain at least six words they will post almost immediately. Any less requires review by a person which could take a day or two).