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"We're sorry, we couldn't find that one!" Answered

From the past 2-3 months, whenever I click on my profile, my inbox, my instructables, or any other options in the 'you' section, the message- "We're sorry, we couldn't find that one!" in red is displayed on the top of the screen. I'm unable to read the messages and to view my instructables I have to search them.
I don't know is this a bug or what, but this has become very annoying. Also I can't manage my premium membership.

Is this a problem with me only? Or or other have encountered the same bug as well.

Anyone with solutions or any information about this bug, please comment below.



2 years ago

When I click on any of your "Promoted" I'bles, it works fine. However if I click on your "View all 18 I'bles" button I get the error, so definitely a bug that's related to your profile. It's not an issue that's been affecting everyone, but I have seen a few mentions of similar issues in isolated cases.

This link will re-produce the issue (at the time of writing):



2 years ago

Your I'bles work for me, or at least the 3 that I checked work.