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What are some good options for solar powering a laptop? Answered

I want to power a laptop with solar panels, the laptop will not have a monitor and will not run at night, so it has relatively small power demands (for a computer) - what kind of solar set-up should I be looking at? Keeping low-price options a high priority. Thanks



9 years ago

 You will not need a panel that is the wattage of the AC adapter. You need to find out what the wattage it draws peak and get panels that are over this wattage. Try some like this:
If you used two, you would put them in parallel. Make sure they are the right voltage. They can be a volt or two over. Goldmine-electronic has many panels like this of varying voltages and currents. 


10 years ago

Look at the power supply for your computer. There should be a label saying how many watts the supply is rated for. Use that number to get a ball park for how much energy your laptop will require. If it doesn't say watts but says output 16V 5A then multiple the current and voltage. My power supply is a 80 watt supply. If I wanted continuous use for my laptop I would need a panel around 80 watts. Its quite expensive, but if you wanted it for backup charging it may be available at an affordable cost.