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What can I use for painting a black Evo desk to a very pure-white color? Answered

I want to be able to paint a black evo desk to a white color that would look nice with an LED lit room. Please give me some suggestions or advice as I attempt to do this :)

This is what I currently have. After going through the options at checkout.

Evodesk Shape :Ergo Edge Renew Recycled Wood Finish :Carbon Black Desktop Edge :Ergo Edge ($79.00) Desktop Size :30x84 ($349.00) Frame Color :Carbon Black Storage Pods :No Storage Desktop Highrise :No Highrise Controller :Programmable Memory ($59.00) Keyboard Platform :Carbon Black ($139.00) Freeport :No Freeport Cable Management Tray :Carbon Black ($99.00) Warranty :Standard Warranty NOT SELECTED Harman Kardon Speaker System :No Monitor Arm :No Treadmill System :No Metalix Glass Chair Mat :No CPU Mount System :No Anti-Fatigue Mat :No EvoFlex Cable Management :No Evodesk Casters :No

There is also water damage mark on the desk. Is it worth fixing it? it is water damage left over from a cup with no coaster. Any advice on possibly fixing this would be much appreciated. :)


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2 years ago

I just noticed it might not be a good idea to paint the frame. Looks like a glossy finish metal. So I assume you would just use a primer and spray paint it white then add another glossy finish. But my concern is it has moving parts on the legs. I might be better off just buying a white frame brand new or used.