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What choice of motor for a robot Answered


I'm making researches about electric motors, I know very little about them and it seems to be a vast world. I don't have any detailled project yet, but I'd like to make a small robot that would be capable to move, that implies using electric motors.

Forums have many useful data about them, but what it lacks is precise user reviews: what type of motor would you use the most, and why? Is it simpler to use servomotors over DC, or brushless? Prics must be a criteria of choice, but can I found cheap motors with good performance?

Thank you very much for your help



2 years ago

I made some research, but I can't find a product which has the following specs:

- Brushless motor for high speed
- Integrated control board (like servomotors)
- Reduction for high torque
- Infinite rotation, no stop part
- Speed / position sensors

Does such a product exist? If it does, what is its value for hobbyists? Does it have too many specs to be really useful?

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2 years ago

What type of cookies do you prefer any why?
Basically the same question in terms of the response you get.
There are endless numbers of motors and types because they aremade to fit a special purpose.


Reply 2 years ago

What's your favorite, for example? (Talking about motors, not cookies.)For what use ?