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What do I need to put a regular wooden door frame into an existing metal glass sliding door frame? Answered

The slider does not work very well at all. I would prefer a regular door.


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11 years ago

If the wall is framed in wood then you pull out the metal frame block in the wall to the size of the new wood framed exterior door and install that door.  You will want 2 studs on each side of the new frame.  You will have to put siding on the outside and sheetrock inside with insulation inside the wall.

IF you put in a double door you won't have to build the wall to close up the opening.  Just measure the opening you have and get a door that will fit inside that.  Attache the door frame to the existing studs and install trim on the inside and outside.  If there are any spaces between the new door and old opening block with wood.

Thisoldhouse.com has several installation demos for doors.