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What does DZ stand for ? Answered

I would like to know what DZ stands for in a wiring schematic. Could it be diode Zener? Although I thought that was just Z?


Jack A Lopez

8 weeks ago

That is a good guess, although it might be a symbol that only has meaning to the author of that schematic, if he or she is using non standard abbreviations.

I remember I had this aunt, whose writing was always full of awful abbreviations, that only made sense to her. Like, she would abbreviate the month of May as "My" and January as "Jn". What was the abbreviation she used for June? Probably the same one she used for January. You know, there is a perfectly good set of existing three letter abbreviations for all the months of the year, but she just had to do her own thing.

And Rick is right too. Context helps. If it is a drawing, look at the symbol next to DZ. If it is a printed circuit board (PCB) look at the actual component, and try to read the numbers printed on it, if any.

I found this discussion,


which includes a list of these, whatdotheycallthem? Reference designation letters? I have not found an official source, except for these slimeballs,


who want you pay to view their papers, if you are not part of the Academic world, with a license paid for by your university, to allow you to conveniently read such papers. Of course there are ways around that.



8 weeks ago

I had a board where all diodes were labelled with uncommon things.
DS for high speed switching diodes, DG for Germanium ones and just D for common types like rectifier diodes.
But in general it is just D no matter what the diode does, same as R stand for all resistors, including NTC's and PTC's.
As rick said, a copy or pic might help to identify it properly.
How are other parts labeled?


8 weeks ago

Helps a lot if you post an example. The Zenner diode standard symbol is a diode with a small additional bar to the cross bar like this: ¬