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What happens if I win more than one contest? Answered

I am by no means attempting to be cocky here, but I've given it a lot of thought over the past few days, and what exactly happens if you win more than one contest with the same instructable?  Do I get both prizes, or is this impossible?  Do I get taken out of one contest, do I only get one prize?  What happens if I win two contests and they end on different days?  Say the up and the make to learn youth contest.  These end ten days apart, so I couldn't pick which prize.  In case anyone is wondering, the instructable I'm having these thoughts about is this one:  Sonic Screwdriver TV-B-Gone Conversion



Best Answer 6 years ago

You can't win more than one place in a contest but you can enter one instructable in multiple contests. Each contest is judged as an individual event so if the instructable is good for that contest it has the same chance even if it did win in another contest. There have been a few times when I have seen the same project win in different contests. I can't remember which one right off but I do remember being suprised to see it as a winner several times. (The second time it only got second place.) Its pretty rare to be able to created a project that can meet all the requirements for different contests. Its kind of like trying to win a cookie contest with a pizza recipe. They may approve the entry but it will be outmatched by the real cookies that BajaBlue makes.


6 years ago

You are twice as happy and I double envy you :)


6 years ago

Many people end up winning a prize in multiple contest with a single entry. It happens more than you think. There is no rule that prevents you from entering an instructable into more than one contest and no rule that prevents you from taking home the prizes from multiple contests.