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What is a good laptop for around $500 USD or less? Answered

I am going to get a laptop in a few months and I would like one for around $500 or less. I could go over $500 to about $550. I would also like one with Windows. I mainly surf the internet but I also might need to edit videos and type papers for school (I'm going into 9th grade). Having a CD/DVD drive, at least two USB ports, and at least an 80 gigabyte hard drive is a must.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Your best bet is to visit a computer store and see what they have - see what they have, see what they can offer you. If you can, draw your money out in cash before you go, and put $400 in your wallet, $50 in one pocket and $50 in the other. When you have selected your $500 laptop, ask them what their "best price" is for cash and an immediate sale. Show them your wallet full of cash, show it's $400. Try haggling them down to $400, and you can have your fifties in reserve. If they won't drop the price, they may add extras for an immediate sale - software, insurance, memory upgrade etc. Take a friend with you. Always show great reluctance about the laptop, even if it's perfect, and keep muttering quietly to your friend about that other great deal you saw at that other local store. Don't be afraid to make like you're leaving - the salesman is probably on commission, and will need the sale.


Answer 10 years ago

I see. Pull a ninja move on them. Almost as good as jump-kicks but alot more legal. I decided to buy from a site that sells overstocks. It is a real cool site. Go to www.overstock.com


7 years ago

Trust me if you're looking for a laptop under 500, then you wanna go here: www.laptopsunder.org. They have hundreds!


10 years ago

Check online, too. There are a lot of good discount stores around. Also, it was a long time coming, but since the dawn of the internet, the outcome was inevitable. Nowadays, it's often possible to get the very best price from the manufacturer, directly. The HP store is a one example. I think this will become more common in the future. The other benefit is that any manufacturer rebates will be instant.