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What is a good way to effectively make witty posters for a high school campaign? Answered

I'm campaign managing for a friend of mine whose running for president. We've got a slew of ideas, but does any one know of an instructable on making lots of effective posters and/or does anyone have any good ideas? Its an all guys school, so the posters can be as stupid as possible. Thanks!



7 years ago

If you want to make the best pictures, follow these steps (they are not free, but probably most effective)

1-use some kind of imaging software (GIMP, Photoshop, etc. to create a poster that everyone likes, approves, etc.

2-Google "Rasterbator" and go to the first hit.

3. Using their online program, format the picture to be whatever size you want. when done, download and save the formatted image

4. take to a print shop, give them the formatted image (on a flash drive or CD) and have them print.

Depending on the size you want, you should be able to get a good amount of huge posters (I mean, HUGE) for about 40$ (US). Just have everyone contribute a bit.

Note- Rasterbated Images are only black and white, and are not fully effective close-up. This will, however, save you printing costs. Professionally printed posters look MILES better than any Paint and computer paper banners. For variety, you could get the shop to print you several on different colors of paper.

Keep it short and simple. Don't focus on the negative things about other candidates, but the positives of the one you want to elect.


7 years ago

Publisher software can usually be set to make banners - all you have to do is provide the wit, print it (in a string of A4 pages) and stick it up.


7 years ago

Get a load of people together and brain storm the problem.:


You need a wall / board to write ideas on or BIG bit of paper everyone can see.

Nothing is bared or rejected initially write all suggestions down - you can sort later.

No idea is discussed or ridiculed - anyone who does this can leave.

Write the aim/subject/goal at the top.