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What is an Arduino? Answered

I see a lot of instructables in witch they use arduino but I can't figure out what it is! can you help me?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

I wondered the same thing, especially since I can't imagine it being able to do anything my other chips do. My impression of what it is for is some kind of object oriented programming language for microchips where maybe the idea has something to do with making programming easier by saying wire 1 is a red LED and then saying turn on the red LED. Someone who knows better help us. It's weird how it's often mentioned and advertised without any clues about what exactly is "new" and different and special about it. Maybe they teach it to kids in school now; for all I know it might be a new and improved LEGO or robot construction set controller. Whatever it is, it's open source free software, or at least has a free clone, so if you make something with it, you can copy the chip and mass produce some product that includes it's firmware. Arduino is a common Italian name, perhaps like "Arnold" or "Arthur".