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What is the best glue for gluing glitter on plastic? Answered

I was working on a project and i needed help. What is the best type of glue to glue glitter on plastic. What is the best sealer? I was thinking mod podge but i was wondering if i can use it for the glue and sealer. Any advice?



3 years ago

Get some super 77 spray adhesive and spray it on then sprinkle the glitter on it


3 years ago

I would guess that a solvent glue that melts the plastic and allows the glitter to become part of the surface would work.

Modge podge will just peel off when it dries. You could try a varnish.


3 years ago

There are many types of plastic. Do you know what type?


Answer 3 years ago

I don't know what kind of plastic it is. but its a plastic guitar that I plan on decorating with glitter.


3 years ago

First get a glue that actually sticks to the plastic in question.
Second, get a sealer that works with both the glue and the sealer.

There are too many options and combinations possible so you need to be far more specific here.
For ABS for example I would just use acetone, wet the surface and sprinkle the glitter on it, assuming the glitter is good quality and won't turn into a mess from the acetone vapor.
For the sealing I would dissolve clear ABS in acetone and brush or spray it over.