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What switch to use for LED Light project Answered

I have  seen a few build on here recently with installing LED lights on stairs.  I am liking that idea and overall have an idea of what I will do with the lights, but I can't seem to find the switch I want to use.

I would like to set this up with 2 lasers or beams.  The idea is that one would be at the top of the stair and the other at the bottom.  They would be in  the wall so you can't really see them.  I only have easy access to one side of my stairwell so I am hoping the set up is something like a beam going to a reflector.  Once a beam is broken, the lights come on and remain on for a short period of time (30 seconds or so) and then they turn off.  

The problem I am having is I either find thing like garage door beams that are big and hard to hide and require access to both side of the wall, or beams that only travel a foot and a half at the most.  The stairs are the standard three feet or so.


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4 years ago

You can get "door mats" with pressure switches in them.
Works same way as your laser idea just much simpler.


Reply 4 years ago


I have a friend who is an electrician, he has fitted a few stair lighting systems over the years and always uses floor mat pressure switches. Just fits them under the carpet. PIR sensors are another option, but the pressure mats are the most discrete (unless you don't have a carpet).