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What to do with a HP tc1100? Answered

Hi all,

I have an old HP tc1100 whose motherboard/graphics has pretty much given up the ghost, but it seems like there must be something better to do with it out than toss it in the trash. I was thinking about pulling it apart and mounting my iPad where the current screen is, and trying to replace the keypad with with a bluetooth keyboard, then maybe steampunk it a bit..

Do you have any other ideas that may be a bit more interesting? Bear in mind, I am not wanting to salvage the computer for working bits (unless it would be feasible, but from people I have spoken to, I would say that fixing it is beyond the question), so any creative ideas most welcome. Will do something similar to this i-ble if I can't think of anything else..

I haven't posted an instructable on here before (despite being a member for two years), so this may well be my first :)



8 years ago

Use it as a wall-mounted wireless media centre?
I'm planning on doing that with an old laptop; attach an external screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, and hide it behind the external screen or the TV.
But that depends on which bits are still working. With mobo and graphics bung, I'm not sure this would work too well for you.

I'll let you know if I think of anything else!

Failing that, the transformers thing would be cool too... =;-)