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What to with a couple Old Windsurfers? Maybe Catamaran? Answered

I have a couple windsurfers I am trying to come up with ideas of something fun to do with. I tried to make one into a small sailboat with a fixed boat for a friend who was unable to learn to windsurf but the mast was too heavy and flipped over. I am thinking of putting a pvc pipe where the mast went and making a smaller sail. Has anyone tried to make a catamaran out of two windsurfers? Or maybe a trimaran with the windsurf board in the middle?



7 years ago

Splt one down the middle and seal the edges add wooden ore 3 inch aluminum pipe for crossbeams. design a rudder dont forfet the centerboatd the slot is there just make it larger than the fin on the windsurfer . I have seen one keep up with a windsurfer on a reach with a large windsurfing rig.


Reply 7 years ago

not anymore but hang on I have two old winsurfers and will start soon .
You might search kayak using wind surfer as out rigger same idea

Patrick Pending

12 years ago

I don't want to discourage you but windsurfers are the right shape for windsurfing and the wrong shape for pretty much everything else!

However, I am fairly sure Tim Anderson could make something out of them.