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What would be a good ratio of fiberglass resin mix per sq. yd? Answered

I need help on this, I'm wrapping a wood 2x4 frame in 3 yds of fiberglass cloth and some glass tape. I've never worked with it in my life and I don't know how much I should use.


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11 years ago

There's a lot to answer here that isn't apparent at first glance.

First, polyester resin usually is sold in quarts and gallons. A quart should be more than enough for three yards of cloth, though the amount used depends on the weight of the cloth and on the user's technique.

While we're on the subject, if you haven't bought the resin yet, you might consider epoxy instead of polyester. It's more expensive but not terribly so, it's stronger, it's available in slow and fast varieties to take advantage of summer/winter construction, and it doesn't have the strong, sickening odor of polyester resin. Check out http://www.uscomposites.com/epoxy.html for prices.

Some tips on epoxy use (most are applicable to polyester resin) can be found at http://www.info-central.org/?article=170 . As the article says, think "disposable". Don't expect to re-use cups, mixing sticks, paint brushes, whatever. Nitrile gloves are cheap; buy a box.

You absolutely, definitely want to do some trial and error with scraps of cloth or tape, and small amounts of resin. A few trials will teach you more than a ton of reading. My first fiberglass project was a complete mess and waste of almost $50 worth of materials because I didn't do a few practice sessions.

Good luck!