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What's the best design for a water rocket? Answered

There's two parts I'm wondering about: - fin design - recovery system design I'm planning to use angled fins. What angle is best? Does the shape of the fins matter, or can I just make triangles out of cardboard? For the recovery system, which is better: airspeed flap or "nose separates at apogee"? The second one is definitely easier to build, though.



9 years ago

if you make it light weight, it could be a tumble recovery. it floats down on it's own.


Answer 9 years ago

just make it durable, so it doesn't get hurt on the way down.


10 years ago

It doesn't matter about the fin shape. The fin has to be rigid to be more stable and for the water rocket to go faster. CDs are good and rigid or foamboard. Make sure it is water proof so the fins don't sog up. Distribute the fins at equal distances and make sure the fins are the same shape too. For the recovery system I use a parachute made out of a garbage bag and string. The pressure in the air releases the parachute at a certain point when it is falling down. A safe and pleasant recovery.