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What's the best material to make hands that will setup relatively quickly and easily and be lightweight? Answered

We're building a Traveling Korean Memorial w/19 soldier figures walking through a rice paddy and 3 soldier figures making a campfire.  We don't have the funds to purchase 22 mannequins so I'd like to make the hands which will be connected to rebar that will be the form of the figures. 
This Memorial will be setup outdoor as it displays across the country, so it needs to be able to withstand the elements.

Thank you in advance.




2 years ago

Here is an interesting approach to statues, paper mache. Depending on the core, it can be quite low weight (22 pounds for the entire four foot stature). It meets your requirement of inexpensive. It doesn't require the construction of forms like casting materials do (foaming urethane, etc). Also, I really like the use of thin-set for the look and feel of a concrete statue. She sealed it for weather resistance. Give it a read.


Here is an article comparing various sculpting products. There might be something here for you.


If you still want to sift through things, try casting lightweight parts for statues or some variant.

https://www.google.com/ - q=casting+lightweight+parts+for+statues


2 years ago

Fill rubber gloves with plaster of Paris and paint them.

Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

The official web site,

says these guys are approximately seven feet tall, and made out of stainless steel.

I have to admit that's a lot more impressive, way more impressive, than the ones that are about 2 inches tall, and made out of green plastic.


I don't really have any good ideas for how to actually go about building this (I dunno, fiberglass?). So I can't help there.

Although I hope that my comment can help clarify what you are doing; i.e you want to make a traveling copy of a pre-existing, heavy, impossible to move, memorial.

Honestly, I did not know this memorial existed, until I fed the url for one of your pictures to Google(r) Images. Then Google pointed me to koreanwarvetsmemorial.org

Maybe you don't need to explicitly mention the original memorial in your post, because most everybody already knows about it. Maybe.


2 years ago

My first thought is casting concrete:


Concrete is heavy, but if you mix plastic in with the mix instead of sand, it gets a lot lighter, and you can push a dowel into the wet mixture to make a socket for the rebar.

If you want very light, you could fill rubber gloves with that expanding foam, either the two-part kind you mix yourself, or the kind that comes in aerosol cans.

In both cases, paint might be required to seal them against the elements (or to disguise the rubber of the gloves).