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Where can I buy perspex cylinders? Answered

I've finally managed to get my van which I'm converting to a stealth camper. I want to maximise roof space for solar and don't really want to fit the traditional 12" square roof hatches or side windows.

A simple, basic solution to letting daylight in through a small opening is the bottle through the roof filled with water (). This looks really effective and seems to spread natural light through the room/van in all directions which is an improvement both in footprint and lighting over the square hatch.

I was thinking of trying something similar but a little more high tech. Maybe a simple, solid, perspex cylinder or maybe dome lenses above/below? There are "tunnel skylights" but I really don't need a tunnel since it only has to go through the thickness of the van's roof.

Any ideas?




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1 year ago

Thanks for that. I figure there has to be a product or component like this and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction but the image search is a good idea!

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I suggest doing an image search for something like,

"clear plastic cylinder tube stock"


and then looking at the resulting images, and then trying to discern which of those images look like they were put there by merchants of plastic tubes, that maybe look like the kind you are seeking to buy.

I apologize if that seems too easy, and what you really wanted was an anecdotal, like, recommendation, to a specific plastic seller.

Also I want to humbly suggest NOT using the word "perspex" in your search, because I think it will narrow your results in unwanted ways.

The reason why is because plastics have too many names. For example, the plastic you call, "perspex," other people call:

acrylic, crylux, plexiglas, acrylite, lucite, perclax, or PMMA

and it is hard to guess which word will be used by the seller, of the plastic tubes you seek.

Also a completely different kind of clear plastic, like polycarbonate, might work just as well, or better, or cheaper, or more suitable in some way.

Final note: Wikipedia knows the secret names of all these plastics.



Read up, and soon you too can impress your friends with your knowledge of plastic trivia!